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Invoice Number CR-0477
Order Number 2953
Invoice Date January 15, 2018
Total Due $5,452.95
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kenneth thomas
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huffman, TX 77336
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kenneth thomas
Goodrich Auto Service
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Hrs/Qty Service Rate/Price Sub Total
167-72 Smooth Rear Bumper Chrome$285.00$285.00
167-72 chrome smooth ft bumper w/hidden hardware$270.00$270.00
2'67-'72 CUSTOM WIDENED REAR WHEEL TUBS$175.00$350.00
1Complete shortbed kit w/tailgate, 67 or 68-72$2,450.00$2,450.00
169-72 Rubber Cab mount kit for 1/2 ton 2wd Chevy and GMC pickups$85.00$85.00
167-68 Headlight Bezel Set$65.00$65.00
167-72 Fender and inner fender bolt kit$25.00$25.00
1LH Tail Light Assembly 67-72 Chevy & GMC Fleetside$35.00$35.00
1RH Tail Light Assembly 67-72 Chevy & GMC Fleetside$35.00$35.00
167-72 C10 inner fender LH$68.00$68.00
167-72 C10 inner fender RH$68.00$68.00
167-68 C10 hood$435.00$435.00
167-72 C10 hood hinge w/o spring LH$35.00$35.00
167-72 C10 hood hinge w/o spring RH$35.00$35.00
167-71 C10 window regulator LH$30.00$30.00
167-71 C10 window regulator RH$30.00$30.00
155-72 bed mounting pad set (shortbed)$9.00$9.00
167-72 "push on" door seals from Precision Weatherstrip$55.00$55.00
167-72 rear window stainless trim$60.00$60.00
167-72 Fleetside backup lens gasket set$4.00$4.00
167-72 C10 back up lamp lens fleetside RH$4.00$4.00
167-72 C10 back up lamp lens fleetside LH$4.00$4.00
167-68 C10 park lamp lens amber LH$6.00$6.00
167-68 C10 park lamp lens amber RH$6.00$6.00
1door panel screw set$3.00$3.00
167-68 hood letter set$45.00$45.00
1Precision 1967-1970 Chevrolet Pickup Complete Weatherstrip Seal Kit$298.95$298.95
167-68 Parking Light Lens Gasket Set$4.00$4.00
267-72 windshield wiper arm$12.00$24.00
267-72 Wiper Blade$15.00$30.00
267-68 grille mldg w/clips polished$70.00$140.00
168 tail light bezel LH$20.00$20.00
167-68 Tail Light Bezel Clip Kit$8.00$8.00
168 tail light bezel Rh$20.00$20.00
167-72 Hood Hinge Spring Set$25.00$25.00
167-68 Chevrolet Grille Emblem Red "Bowtie"$50.00$50.00
1Stainless steel windshield weatherstrip trim$65.00$65.00
167-68 Chevrolet and GMC Truck Front Fender Emblem, 10, Pair$85.00$85.00
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