5304 S Adams
Marion, IN 46953

Invoice Number CR-1197
Order Number 5787
Invoice Date March 23, 2020
Total Due $4,209.35
Billing address
Rick Hammond
1346 N Main St
Canton, IL 61520
Shipping address
Rick Hammond
1346 N Main St
Canton, IL 61520
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/Price Sub Total
167-68 Chevrolet Grill Emblem Red Bowtie$40.50$40.50
167-68 Chevrolet and GMC Truck Hood Letters, Chevrolet, Set$56.95$56.95
1Hood bumper (4 pcs)$4.00$4.00
167-72 Hood adjuster bolts (pr.)$5.00$5.00
160-72 Rocker Panel Plug Set.$3.00$3.00
1Hood to cowl seal$10.00$10.00
1Antenna kit$40.00$40.00
167-72 "push on" door seals from Precision Weatherstrip$60.00$60.00
167-72 pickup rear window weatherstrip seal with trim groove for stainless trim$30.00$30.00
167-72 windshield seal with trim groove for stainless trim$38.00$38.00
267-72 glass run channel LH or RH$13.00$26.00
267-72 Glass run channel$10.00$20.00
167-72 beltline molding kit (chrome)$37.00$37.00
167-72 C10 rear wheelhouse brace set (2 pcs)$14.00$14.00
167-72 Front bed panel bolt kit$0.00$0.00
167-72 Tailgate bumpers (set)$10.00$10.00
167-72 Smooth Rear Bumper Chrome$285.00$285.00
167-72 chrome smooth ft bumper w/hidden hardware$270.00$270.00
167-72 C10 rear bumper bracket set flt side or step side$61.00$61.00
160-72 Dome Lamp Assembly, Chrome Base w/wire$20.00$20.00
167-72 Firewall Grommet Kit$8.50$8.50
167-72 Glovebox Screw kit$3.00$3.00
168-72 Glovebox Door Stop Rubber Bumper$1.00$1.00
147-72 Glovebox Door Bumper Set$3.00$3.00
167-68 Chevrolet and GMC Truck Glove Box Door Emblem, Chevrolet, Each$29.95$29.95
260-72 Standard Brake/Clutch Pedal Pad$5.00$10.00
167-72 C10 gas tank w/o eec$156.00$156.00
167-71 fuel tank sending unit 3/8"$27.00$27.00
1Gas tank filler neck grommet$7.00$7.00
138-71 Chevy and GMC gas cap (stainless steel)$8.00$8.00
267-72 C10 door sill plate w/kits plain chr$35.00$70.00
1Fawn bench seat cover$302.00$302.00
167 door panel skins (set)$230.00$230.00
167-72 Sun visor (set)$110.00$110.00
1Carpet 67-72 Pickup cab, low hump$205.00$205.00
167-72 Custom dash pad w/ french seam$250.00$250.00
267 Fawn Beige armrest (ea)$22.50$45.00
167-68 Headlight Bezel Set$65.00$65.00
167-72 C10 back up lamp lens fleetside LH$4.00$4.00
167-72 C10 back up lamp lens fleetside RH$4.00$4.00
167-72 Fleetside backup lens gasket set$4.00$4.00
167-68 C10 park lamp lens amber LH$6.00$6.00
167-68 C10 park lamp lens amber RH$6.00$6.00
167-68 Parking Light Lens Gasket Set$4.00$4.00
267 inside door handle$14.00$28.00
267 Window Crank w/black knob$14.00$28.00
167-68 Chevrolet and GMC Truck Door Emblem, Custom, Pair$61.95$61.95
167-72 C10 back glass tinted large$145.00$145.00
167-72 Wheelhouse bolts$7.50$7.50
167 Ignition spacer$12.00$12.00
167 Ignition switch retainer$8.00$8.00
167-72 Cigarette Lighter Assembly$19.00$19.00
167-71 frt upper door panel trim chr L&R (pair)$88.00$88.00
167-71 C10 inner door panel set (2 pcs) painted$75.00$75.00
167-72 Cab Interior Insulation and Sound Deadner Complete Kit (low hump floor)$265.00$265.00
167-72 C10 front bed panel (wood floor)$125.00$125.00
167-72 Plain kick panel covers, dyed in Fawn$50.00$50.00
1door panel screw set$3.00$3.00
167-72 C10 windshield tinted$175.00$175.00