5304 S Adams
Marion, IN 46953

Invoice Number CR-2301
Order Number 9047
Invoice Date March 19, 2022
Total Due $1,897.06
Billing address
Terry Riggs
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/Price Sub Total
167-68 Chevrolet and GMC Truck Glove Box Door Emblem, Chevrolet, Each$29.95$29.95
267-72 C10 OE cab floor support$16.50$33.00
160-72 C10 OE rear cab support RH$19.75$19.75
163-72 Rear frame C-notch kit$129.00$129.00
1Dual adjustable trac bar$59.00$59.00
1Rear brake line, front to rear$33.00$33.00
16 lug brake rotors (pair)$129.00$129.00
171-93 C10 brake dust covers$50.00$50.00
1C10 wheel bearing kit w/seals$29.00$29.00
160-72 Rear lowering block kit$69.00$69.00
1brake line, rear axle$30.00$30.00
163-70 C10 2 1/2" drop spindles (pair)$279.00$279.00
1Disc brake hose kit$45.00$45.00
167-68 "Buddy Bucket" seat covers$505.00$505.00
1ACC carpet w/mass backing$346.00$346.00
Sales Tax:$124.11