5304 S Adams
Marion, IN 46953

Invoice Number CR-2405
Order Number 9382
Invoice Date May 23, 2022
Total Due $3,584.63
Billing address
Kevin Piercefield
4725 N CR 650 W
Scipio, IN 47273
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/Price Sub Total
167-72 C10 windshield tinted$175.00$175.00
167-72 windshield weatherstrip seal without trim groove$55.00$55.00
167-72 Rear window weatherstrip seal without trim groove$35.00$35.00
164-91 Door bumper set$4.00$4.00
1Hood bumper (4 pcs)$4.00$4.00
167-72 Hood adjuster bolts (pr.)$5.00$5.00
1Door and Ignition Lock Set$26.00$26.00
167-72 Ignition switch$14.00$14.00
167-71 C10 window regulator LH$37.80$37.80
167-71 C10 window regulator RH$37.80$37.80
167-72 C10 door latch LH$45.00$45.00
167-72 C10 door latch RH$45.00$45.00
167-72 LOCK AND RELAY ROD SET, W/CLIPS, 5PC, LH$20.00$20.00
167-72 LOCK AND RELAY ROD SET, W/CLIPS, 5PC, RH$20.00$20.00
167-72 "push on" door seals from Precision Weatherstrip$65.00$65.00
167-72 beltline molding kit (black)$53.00$53.00
267-72 glass run channel LH or RH$18.00$36.00
267-72 Glass run channel$12.50$25.00
169-70 "C10" Fender emblem set$40.50$40.50
1American Autowire Complete Wiring Kit - 1969-72 Chevy Truck$619.00$619.00
167-72 C10 rear bumper chrome$304.00$304.00
1rear bumper bolt kit$15.00$15.00
167-87 C10 Rear License Plate Lamp Assembly$20.00$20.00
171-72 C10 hood latch$61.00$61.00
167-72 molded urethane dash pads$65.00$65.00
167-72 C10 tailgate (fleet w/Chevrolet)$475.00$475.00
158-66 Tailgate Trunnions w/brackets$16.50$16.50
167-72 C10 tailgate latches (fleet)$52.75$52.75
167-72 C10 fleetside tailgate rods (pair)$13.50$13.50
167-72 C10 tailgate hinge set (L&R)$38.00$38.00
1'67-'72 Low hump floor mat$168.75$168.75
160-72 Vent window repair kit$16.00$16.00
1LH Tail Light Assembly 67-72 Chevy & GMC Fleetside$38.00$38.00
1RH Tail Light Assembly 67-72 Chevy & GMC Fleetside$38.00$38.00
1Back up lamp assy Lh$25.00$25.00
1Back up lamp assy RH$25.00$25.00
169-72 Headlight adjuster kit$5.50$5.50
1Grill to grill frame mounting kit$6.00$6.00
167-71 C10 inner door panel set (2 pcs) painted$102.00$102.00
267-72 C10 door sill plate w/kit, bowtie stainless$27.00$54.00
167-72 C10 battery tray assy w/o air$59.50$59.50
167-72 Vent door assembly LH$61.00$61.00
167-72 Vent door assembly RH$61.00$61.00
166-71 Interior "day/night" rear view mirror$35.00$35.00
160-72 Brake and Clutch Pedal Pad (deluxe)$5.00$5.00
167-70 Accelerator Pedal (deluxe)$10.00$10.00
1accelerator pedal ball studs$6.00$6.00
1Stop light switch$6.00$6.00
167-72 C10 inner fender LH$102.75$102.75
167-72 C10 inner fender RH$102.75$102.75
Sales Tax:$234.53